Five (5) Year Plan
- Covered by the Car Doc
- Recommended Service

Includes Everything in the Three (3) Year Plan PLUS the Additional Coverage Below:

Service Items
Replace Engine Oil

Replace Engine Oil Filter
Replace Drain Crush Washer
Adjust Tire Pressures  
Top Off Fluids
Perform Multi-Point Inspection
Rotate Tires

Replace Engine Air Filter
Replace Cabin Air Filter
Brake Pad Replacement & Turn Rotors
Oil Treatment
Balance Tires


Perform 4 Wheel Alignment
Perform Fuel Induction Service
Deodorize & Disinfect
Wiper Blade Replacement
Battery Service
Replace Transmission Fluid & Flush
Serpentine Drive Belt (Fan Belt)
Power Steering Flush
Perform Brake Fluid Flush
Perform Coolant Flush
Spark Plug Replacement
*If you purchase a used vehicle your mileage will not match the above chart.
**Some services may be required sooner or later depending on driving habits and conditions.
***The diesel plan/schedule looks different than this. See Car Doc Customer Care Representative for details.